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Compare Moving Companies before Deciding on Atlanta Movers

compare moving companiesIt’s easy to compare moving companies in Atlanta based on price. However, when you go by cost alone, you can put your home and your belongings at risk. Why? Because the best price doesn’t guarantee the best moving service.

One search on the Internet for Atlanta movers can produce over 1 million results. While we all would like to believe that every Atlanta moving company puts integrity and customer service first, this simply isn’t true. So when you compare moving companies, what should you look for to determine if a particular company is one you should trust?

First, a company should offer a free estimate. But, more than simply throwing out an estimate, they should offer to come to your home to view your unique situation and discuss your needs and any possible moving challenges. Moving large and delicate items, like grand pianos and billiard tables, can affect your estimate.  Stairs and elevators factor into a moving estimate as well. A professional moving company factors all of these variables into an estimate to ensure you don’t see any surprise charges on your final bill. Georgia Pack and Load has always strongly believed in an honest, upfront estimate.

Second, when you compare moving companies, you should make sure they have readily available references. With so many moving companies, references can do a lot to prove that a company is much more than just a fly-by-night operation run by two men with an old truck. We have a long list of available references for you to view at any time, from such big names as the two-time Grammy award-winning group, Arrested Development, former UGA running back, Veron Hayes, and many wonderful folks, just like you.

Third, your mover needs to be fully licensed and insured. A licensed mover has met and maintained a high standard for its facilities and vehicles. Plus, an insured company can help to protect both the movers and your items in the unlikely event of an accident. Georgia Pack and Load is licensed by the Department of Motor Vehicle Safety Commission, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, and is a member of the Better Business Bureau.

There are many more factors to consider when you compare moving companies, like the level of protection for your furniture, employee background checks, storage options, and more, but these three are excellent places to start.

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