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Professional Movers: More Trustworthy than Contract Laborers (professional movers vs. contract laborers)

professional moversWhen researching moving companies, it is essential to do your homework and seek out those that only deal with professional movers. Companies with professional movers are likely to be licensed and insured, have a reputable reputation in the community and pack and load your prized possessions with attention and knowledge. Although there are contract laborers that will also act professionally, you are still running a risk by hiring a moving company without knowledgeable staff. For example, a contract laborer is moving your coffee table, when the glass top falls and shatters on his hand. Is that contract laborer insured? Will he sue you for damages? What if the contract laborer is untrustworthy and steals your beloved items? Also, who would you feel more comfortable with handling your priceless family heirlooms: professional movers, or contract laborers who do different jobs every week?

We at Georgia Pack and Load Moving and Storage, Inc., a local moving company in Atlanta, only do business with professional movers. Our policy is to not work with contract laborers so we can assure our clients that their belongings will be handled with the utmost care and expertise. Our movers are some of the best paid in the industry and we’ve kept them so happy some have even stayed with us for more than a decade. Our professional movers will do as much or as little as you wish. Be it to wrap, pack and load all of your items or simply securely wrap and pack your most precious belongings; our professional movers are trained to do it all.

Contact us today at 770-409-8890 for a free estimate, and our professional movers will be happy to help you have a successful, hassle-free moving experience.