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Self Storage vs. Containerized Storage: The Georgia Pack and Load Difference

If you are in need of a storage facility for your belongings, choosing between self storage and containerized storage can be tricky. Self storage can seem like the easiest and most accessible way to store things before or after a move, but it can actually be an expensive and time consuming option.

When you are choosing between self-storage facilities, you have to make sure you are comfortable with the area in which they are located. Many facilities don’t have secured access outside of a flimsy gate and an infrequently-changed pass code that is available to all members, so almost anyone can gain access to the area containing your self-storage locker. Once a person gets onto the property, the only thing protecting your possessions is a lock. Unlike self storage, containerized storage is quite heavily protected. Your storage container is kept in a secure warehouse, and only authorized personnel have access to it.

Another reason to choose containerized storage is the convenience. Self storage is usually a do-it-yourself job, meaning you must take the time and energy out of your moving schedule to put things into your storage locker. And, when you are ready to access your belongings, you have to unload it yourself. When you choose containerized storage from Georgia Pack and Load, we will arrive with our truck, load and securely wrap everything for you, and take it away to be stored in our protected, 38,000 square foot facility. When you are ready to access your container, we will deliver it and unload it for you as well. Unlike self-storage facilities, which normally will not take responsibility for lost or damaged items, your belongings stored by Georgia Pack and Load are 100% insured throughout the entire process, so you can rest assured that your things are safe.

When you are looking for self storage in Georgia, consider the time and money saving option of containerized storage from Georgia Pack and Load.

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