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Atlanta movers
Atlanta movers

Top 10 reasons Why It's Smart to Use Georgia Pack & Load Moving and Storage, Inc.


  1. We are licensed by The Department of Motor Vehicle Safety. Check us out on their report card.

  2. We are licensed by The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

  3. Our insurance exceeds the state's regulations.

  4. We use our own insurance and do not pass you off to a third party insurance.

  5. Our movers are highly paid and professional.

  6. We have great prices on moving supplies.

  7. We are members of the Georgia Mover's Association.

  8. We are members of The American Moving and Storage Association.

  9. We offer every service needed for your relocation.

  10. We are members of the Better Business Bureau. Find out about other moving companies that you are considering using by clicking here.